Process and Analytical Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation

Our process instrumentation offering includes:

- Digital Indicators
- Flow – Magflow, Ultrasonic
- Hydrostatic
- Level -Ultrasonic
- Mass Flow
- Pressure and Differential Pressure
- Programmable Logic Controllers
- Recorders
- Signal Conditioning

Müller Industrie-Elektronik offers sensors for a variety of industrial applications measuring:

          • Pressure                        Temperature & Humidity

  • Force                                                                 Level

  • Flow                                                         Inclination


The extensive product range of Müller Industrie-Elektronik includes measuring instruments as well as indicating, evaluation and control technology.

Process, convert, monitor and visualize your digital or analog signal values from industrial or process automation with:

          • Transmitters                                        Controllers

  • Signal Converters                                  Indicators

  • Amplifiers                                            Accessories


Müller Industrie-Elektronik manufactures measuring devices, sensors, transmitters, limit switches, calibrators and digital displays for industrial measuring and control technology, transmitters and amplifiers for signal processing, display devices and evaluation instruments in the region Hannover at the company location Neustadt am Rübenberge. Services such as contract manufacturing, board production, cable assembly, 3D construction, prototype construction and measuring device calibration complete the extensive product portfolio.

Analytical Instrumentation

Our analytical instrumentation offering includes:

  • - Ammonia
    - Chloride
    - CMS
    - COD, BOD, TOC
    - Conductivity
    - Dissolved Oxygen
    - Gas Analysis
    - Gas Detectors
    - Hardness
    - Nitrate
    - pH / ORP
    - Phenols
    - Sample Preperation
    - Silica
    - Sodium
    - Turbidity
    - % Concentration

Oil in Water, Hydrocarbon, THM
and Ammonia Analyzers

  • Protect Water Treatment facilities and Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Provide pollution control to wells, Rivers and other water courses
  • Gather process control data to reduce energy and chemical usage
  • Monitor the quality of Drinking Water in the Distribution Network
  • Measure emissions from commercial, industrial, land fill and agricultural sites

Oil in Water Analyzer


The MS1200 is an on-line monitoring system which provides low level measurements of Hydrocarbons (PAHs, aliphatics, aromatics), Oil in Water and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) concentrations in water. It is designed to: monitor water abstraction points such as raw river water, borehole and reservoir water, industrial discharge and effluent points and much more.

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Ammonia Analyzer


The MS3500 is the first specialist Ammonia monitor for Raw Waste Water. Its rugged construction and design allows it to reliably measure Ammonia at the influent of a waste water treatment plant, giving the operator a level of control and knowledge presently unknown to the industry.

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