SME Monitoring has actively been involved in several projects across the African continent, managing projects from design to installation and commissioning. These include:

  • Remote monitoring of water levels and quality in boreholes surrounding Impala Platinum Tailings Dams in Rustenburg. Data is collected continuously using IN-SITU RuggedTROLL 200’s /AquaTROLL 200’s and sent to our SMEDATAservers on a daily basis with YDOC ML Series Low Power Dataloggers for easy access.
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer installation for an Iron Ore Mine near Postmasburg Northern Cape. Vibrating Wire Piezometers were installed to measure pore pressure around the mining area. Our client has requested remote monitoring as an extension of this project. Data will be sent directly to the mine office which will reduce the risk of data gaps as mine personnel will be notified by SMS in the event of failure or alarms.
  • Monitoring of dewatering borehole levels and temperatures for an Iron Ore Mine near Kathu Northern Cape. More than 100 boreholes have been equipped with RuggedTROLL 200 level instruments from IN-SITU Inc. These units are used to monitor water levels in around the mining area. SME Monitoring has an office in Kathu to support the large installed base in the area. Typical on site response time is two hours.
  • We are the preferred supplier to the Department of Water and Sanitation for handheld water quality instruments, long term water quality monitoring, borehole monitoring estuary and river monitoring. We have supplied a range of level, temperature and multi-parameter water quality monitoring instruments to many of the DWS offices across South Africa.

SME Monitoring offers turnkey solutions for most applications in our field.