Remote Monitoring

MLx17, 2G/3G/4G(LTE-M) Data Logger

The ML-x17 data logger is a small, ultra-low power, cost-effectivedata logger with built-in 2G, 3G or 4G cellular modem. This small data logger has an internal temperature sensor, 8GB micro SD card and a 2FF SIM card slot. The data logger is available with several power provisions a/o: 3.6 Volt Lithium battery, 8..30V DC input or integrated solar panel with 3 x AA NiMH charger. Download datasheet

WDL-x14 Data Logger

The WDL-x14 is a small battery-powered cost-effective data logger with a built-in cellular modem available for the EMEA, APAC and NAregions. The IP68 rated well data logger enclosure is slim enough to fit a 2" borehole and is designed to fit alockable well cap. This well data logger has a 4GB micro SD-card and a 2FF SIM-card slot. The borehole logger is powered by an internal 3.6 Volt Lithium battery (SAFT LSH20-CNR or equivalent only) that will last for years when the data logger is configured in a low power mode. The battery can be replaced by detaching the top cap and there is no need to remove the well data logger and sensor from the borehole.

External sensors can be powered by the data logger itself to prevent them from consuming power while the data logger is asleep. The data logger is supplied with an IP68 rated venting plug and integrated temperature and barometric sensor that can be used for compensating the readings of low-cost absolute pressure level sensors. Make sure that the well cap and borehole is vented as well. Download datasheet